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Happy Death Day 2U: review

Scritto da Damiano Crosina 1 March 2019

It is not easy to make a sequel of a film that is based on the gimmick of time loop. And it’s even more difficult to make a sequel of a horror movie based on the gimmick of time loop. In fact, the surprise effect has now disappeared and the protagonist is already aware of the dynamics that she’ll have to face. SO how do you solve the problem and create a product that is not stale and feels like “already seen”? The way in which Christopher Landon, already writer and director of the first chapter, addresses the problem is with a complete change of tone and genre. The horror aspects almost totally disappear, replaced by a sci-fi tone that, at times, launches itself into moments of pure comedy. The result is a different film, which perhaps will disappoint those who expected another horror slasher, but still worth watching.

Of course, considering that the first film costed just 5 million dollars and grossed more than 125, the fact that a sequel has been made is not surprising at all. Apparently the director seems to be already working on a third chapter, which will still revolve aroud the gimmick of time loops. The question that arises spontaneously if this is a bit too much, since the novelty effect has long disappeared, the risk is to end up with a boring and repetitive product. But the Blumhouse Productions‘s model is clear and undoubtedly works. The relatively low-cost horror productions that make wonders at the box office has turned this small studio into a real giant. Proofs are movie such as Get Out, Split, Paranormal Activity, The Purge

(from left) Tree (Jessica Rothe) and Lori (Ruby Modine) in “Happy Death Day 2U,” written and directed by Christopher Landon.

In any case, Happy Deat Day 2U is a film that works, it is entertaining and even funny with also some philosophical reflections here and there. I therefore recommend watching it, provided you enter the theatre keeping in mind that this sequel almost completely abandons the horror and slasher genre to become a different product that could disappoint the hardcore fans of the genre. You are advised, so don’t get mad, ’cause I told you so…